On the Brink of Destruction

On the Brink of Destruction
not what you thought when you read this title
a world in peril? fear for our planet?
no, don’t go there
there is a much more important message
we are on the brink of destruction all right
the destruction of all that is not right!
destruction of all that is out of integrity
a doing away with archaic practices
we are really becoming aware
we have access to so much more information
don’t wait until a loved one is affected
take action now to support those who are leading the way
we have all been affected
we are all connected
we are here to support each other
freedom comes when we know one another
be informed on what is happening to our climate
what are our renewable energy resources?
education, pollution, habitat and populations?
what can we do in our homes, our communities?
be joyful in knowing that the grass roots are growing
grass, the most abundant of plants
beautiful, diverse, useful
the grassroots are being fed naturally
water, air, earth connections
warmed by the natural energy of the sun
we can no longer take these things for granted
something has to be done
and it is
there are infinite ways of creating change
greening the land, refreshing air and water
creating beauty wherever we are
seeing the beauty wherever we are
being grateful for our very lives
and the opportunities thus gifted
sharing of our abundance with others
contributing to a sustainable way of existence
celebrating the changes that are evolving
being a part of what we are solving
destruction of the old ways that do not make sense
allowing for replacement by creating what does
taking responsibility for participation
yes, simply because

gagi      02/15/15