rise up, rise up
against the corrupt
women of the world
it is time to rise up
the power is in the people
and who can truly know
what initiates the poisons
and encourages them to grow
a small impassioned body
funded by a few
tried to create a world of fear and hate
to enhance their control that grew
and so the question posed today
to what extremes will it take to say:
what corruption, what pain
what atrocities, what seems insane…
we have access to what is happening
how can we rebirth from here?
remember your birth
the day you were born
opening your eyes
to your first bright lit morn
to be embraced there with love
to be welcomed with awe
to be received into a world
it was love that you saw
and did you witness or give birth
to a child so precious
a new beginning of hope –
the child a preface?
the birth of the new
we are in that time now
rise up all women
to give birth for we know how
release all the past
the trauma and suffering
go to silence and stillness
a space that is buffering
the old from the new
it’s the space of creation
a place calling for you
and your participation
pull the elements of creation
from the past and the now
let them join and gestate
while we nurture and allow
love and wisdom, a legacy
gifted from the past
held in our waters
so their coding would last
the presence of light
the love from the divine
is here, we’re receiving it
to embody it and shine
and the element of sound
a soft comforting lullaby
or words whispered with love
or sung out to the sky
we have access to all
great love and great beauty
let us birth the new together
called to being on duty
our assigned service it is
we signed up to be
bringers of the dawn
and a new future to feed

gagi      10/30/14 & 11/04/14

Let us make proper use of the word Isis,
goddess of love, health and beauty.