To sit by a koi pond
In the stillness and silence
and simply observe
layers compliance

Between the eye that receives
and that which one sees
is an invisible layer
of the air and the breeze

Then the surface of the water
in stillness a mirror
sometimes a reflection
of only the seer

And when stillness is disrupted
the calm surface is corrupted
and all else obscured
Surface patterns have blurred

Once stillness is restored
the next layer is explored
Not so much invisible but clear
Thru its depths one can peer

There is movement and life
A changing scene that is rife
with koi and with greens
Plant life that teams

with stems and the leaves
that float to the surface
to roots and attachments
that anchor with purpose

And weaving amongst
a playground it seems
are the wandering koi
chasing their dreams

A layer below
obscuring all else
are the sands, mud and stones
bottom layers themselves

And layers below
one never will know
How many, how few?
If only one knew

For the layers go on
to Earth’s centre and then
count backwards thru layers
to Earth’s surface again

And returning once more
to the air and the breeze
and going beyond
to more layers that tease

Expanding and spiralling
Radiant connections
Layer upon layer
Creation’s perfections

gagi     11/02/14