is there a poem that wants to come thru?
please tell me
please show me
and i’ll do what i do
waiting and listening
for what will come next
feeling into emptiness
for the appearance of text
so tired
so sleepy
not sure why i’m up
sitting and waiting
hot drink in my cup
thank you Great Spirit
for this opportunity and life
someone is waiting
to tell me what to write
come forward
you’re welcome
i am waiting to hear
what is it holding you back?
come kick up a gear
elbows of eternity
don’t want me to speak
you are safe to disclose
please don’t accept defeat
the members are turning 
their backs on me now
here in the interlude
i will take a bow
my name is Jesper
it always has been
i return to the lifetimes
but seldom am seen
what i’ve been blocked from disclosing
is so important right now
energies have shifted
it is time to endow
to endow all the living
with the knowledge they need
it is not about fortunes
or monetary wealth they should heed
it is the wealth of the heart
loving kindness that counts
a critical turning point
as the evidence mounts
yes it’s a sin
not to stop, look within
for the glory of God 
wants us to understand
and begin
to begin as is our nature
to identify and resolve
any new hindrance
to how we can evolve
to become the new human
we must lay down our needs
to care for each other
is what the Decision Maker heeds
i pray for humanity
i pray for each child
let us show the way
before the final report can be filed
gagi     01/11/22