Justice by Doing

Justice by Doing

Justice and not doing is
like a volcano spewing
Pressure builds up
and something erupts

If you’ve been on your journey
and you’re not an attorney
you will understand what we say

Go deep in your hearts
to discover your charts
that will guide you to the Way

The further you travel
the past will unravel
so travelling back is unsafe

And as you continue
that that has been you
will also dissolve by the day

Guided by truth
enables a tooth
to bite into only what’s palatable

That which is created
by intentions orchestrated
by other than Spirit can’t last

We’re transitioning now –
as you’d say, “Holy Cow!”
A glimpse of the new we can see

It’s impossible to continue
if anything you bring with you
is out of integrity so –

Ask questions to understand
Make choices – not by demand
Your hearts’ guidance will lead the Way

You’ve talked of observing
You’ve talked of allowing
Yet justice by doing must be

Fear not consequences
when you run into fences
There’s no barrier to the free

Incidents accruing
potential volcano spewing
build up when not dealt with one by one

Simply adjust
set the rocket thrust
and blast through all that’s unjust

No need to surrender
to explanations and ponder
once clarity is found in your hearts

Ask Spirit for guidance
Ask – don’t take a chance
Be clear in reading your charts

You’ll find the difference
when not being on defence
Set out and go for the goal

If you don’t mark it
you may miss the target
Seek Oneness in all that you do

Ask what is good for me?
Then what is good for you?
It’s the same when you focus on One

Fly and see like the Eagle
Come together like Seagulls
when seeking safety from the storm

Descend like the Dove
landing with Love
on Gaia – she’s waiting for you

If you haven’t addressed
the wrongs you’ve confessed
take time now to do and complete

For a heart that is open
there’s no law that is broken
if innocence or remorse was involved

When we are judging of others
our reflection’s uncovered
Look closely – is it you that you see?

The ups and the downs
for those who wear crowns
can be more extreme than for others

Each of you is a Star
and you’re always at par
with another who shines their light

Please brighten dear Stars
so you’re seen from afar
for others to navigate through the night

This time is important
Remember why you were sent
Your participation will bring in the New

If we are your equal
and you are the sequel
together our love is renewed

Cherish all of creation
Don’t be deterred by temptation
And don’t engage in battles unless

It’s a battle fought with love
a battle fought with joy
A battle for peace is with love

Be grateful to all
they’re sometimes here to call
to your attention
something you’ve missed

You are the tools,
the means and the way
We love you
We bless you
We are you

Let us complete
the journey of One
like each ray returning
to the centre of the Sun

The Heart of the Sun
the Heart of the One
Justice by doing’s then done

gagi     TBL