Oppression and the Surfer

Oppression and the Surfer

It’s a time of oppression, repression, depression
A time of recession, turmoil and greed
Recognize the symptoms are churning and burning
And the storm’s path is building – to where will it lead?

The waves that are rising and building and rolling
Are fed by the desperate ones who’re in need
Those who need water and clothing and shelter
Those who have families they’re wanting to feed

And if their call is unanswered, ignored or denied
The storms will keep building, keep spreading wide
All will be in its path, be ready, expect it
Be ready to receive it for there’s nowhere to hide

The storm of destruction, laying waste, creating change
Has a purpose of taking, levelling the field where we play
To experience in this lifetime what others are living
From this storm there’s no shelter – is there no other way?

It is the way of the surfer who rides the waves of oppression
Surfing waves of repression, of depression and greed
It takes a skilled surfer to ride it out, to stay balanced, heart-centred
As the storm waves increase, fuelled by the need

These waves are the big ones; they’re here to be mastered
The surfer has waited for them, waited many lifetimes
The surfer doesn’t consider the wave before or one after
This one’s to be surfed as the wall of water climbs

The water holds the info, the emotions, our journeys
The water has accumulated it, all is combined
The surfer can see it, can feel it, understand it
These are the emotions that can’t be confined

Know that the surfer will ride out the big one
The surfer is riding for all of mankind
The surfer is strengthened by courage and compassion
The surfer intends to leave no one behind

Cheer on the surfer, take a lesson, become one
Or at the very least intend to do no one harm
Give away… share… return to the basics
We’re all responsible for what’s fuelling this storm

As the storm clouds are building and the waves are increasing
Somewhere the sun’s shining and the waters are calm
There Surfer has reached the shoreline – the journey has ended
Surfer has returned and rests now on the Palm

gagi     TBL