The Perfect Storm

The Perfect Storm

The perfect storm has come and gone
We now take stock – time to move on
This storm did not need wind or rain
And what was cleared did not cause pain

The day it felt like none before
A heaviness was felt by some and more
Emotions flowed and tears released
The past – it blurred then was deceased

The storm it came to clear the past
Washed away what had held us like a cast
And blown away were the memory loops
That held us in our low energy soups

As we take stock – what has been left?
The power of the storm was purposeful, deft
We have been left exposed and clear
With the purity of a child held dear

And then with awe we see the gems
And we examine them closely with our lens
The treasure that was left, exposed by the storm
Is all we need to be reborn

LOVE with all its warmth and glow
And WISDOM – garnered – its seeds to sow
Dear ancestors, and now we, are gifting these gems
Let us magnify them now through our collective lens
Focusing to see and open the end
Of this universe and to the next ascend

gagi        13/08/21