Like a Molecule of Water

Like a Molecule of Water

If we understood we were each
like a molecule of water
and to experience life’s cycles
was the reason we were brought here
we would fully understand
the importance of awareness
that we are here together
in one body of consciousness

To be conscious of being
of one body of water
and experiencing the states
of liquid, frozen or when hotter
evaporating into the air
and remaining there
to be transported again
to be released somewhere
and returned to the cycle

So let us honour the water

Why on Earth
is water so plentiful?
For our life forms
as we know them
water is essential

Water, water, everywhere

to drink
to bathe in
to wash with
to travel in or on
to simply function
to generate power
to skate on/walk on
to dissolve minerals
to listen into its sounds
to witness its reflections
to splash in and play with
to cook with and cool with
to observe its great beauty
to know how it supports life

on our beautiful blue/green planet

abundant water has been gifted
our Creator has planned it
that we are the stewards
to now consciously care
for the essential H2O
for all life forms
out there
we are

only we
can reverse
what lack of care
has caused on Earth
the waters once so pristine
have been contaminated and
their natural flow has been disrupted
to work for humanity – it has been corrupted

the pollution we have caused thru lack of care
is even greater than many may be aware
we know now water holds information
and every thought, every prayer…
think what it holds of our fear
and unrest and how it must
be so hard to digest….

opportunity time
the solution’s so simple
go to the waters & gift them
with our love – make a dimple
a small but important impression
on a body of water – an expression
of our honour, respect and devotion
to that which is our life giving potion
for cycles, movements and emotion
water we love you and we will care
for your condition, by being aware
of how we can affect your purity
thereby giving all life security
by changing our thoughts
connecting the dots
being the love
that we are

be that drop
that bubble
held in water
being a molecule
in an ocean of love

gagi         12/15/13