A Prayer for Humanity

A Prayer for Humanity

Dear God, Creator
Please hear our prayer
A prayer for humanity

We are here but by Thy Grace
and as a species we have forgotten to embrace
the beauty, the abundance of all that was given
and the abilities we can use when making a decision

We pray right now
for all discord and need
to be lifted from our species
and to be given a reprieve

A freedom from suffering
A new place to begin
Eyes once again opened
to the beauty within

We are amazingly gifted
in our potential to be
Please help give access to all
with the inner world key

And once we can focus
and align, hear our call
We ask to be lifted
from out of our fall

We give thanks for the Love
and the Light that exists
and pray for the Peace
the relaxing of fists

For all of Your children
knowing they are ours too
we pray for a blessed future
that they may inherit the New

We stand here, we kneel here
We sit side by side in a pew
We bow down, prostrated
with One voice not a few

We pray now, we ask now
to be freed from the past
and be given this new chance
to be Love and to last

We ask for forgiveness
for all we have done
when forgetting our purpose
to serve here as One

The beauty and diversity
of all that exists
will live here in harmony
a blend of Love’s mysts

gagi      12/13/13