Re: Memories

Re: Memories

Memories are the journey
back into the past
The more often they’re visited
the longer they last

Good memories are a way
of re-living the cream
The best of experiences
Re-igniting a dream

And those that caused anguish
or disturbance of sorts
are often re-visited
like unfriendly ports

We re-live the emotions
that existed back then
and like unfinished business
they can haunt us again

We now have been shown
we can return with intent
and re-write the scripts
of what happened back then

With purpose and joy
we can re-write all the parts
and give a happy ending
that can be re-lived as starts

Starts to a new flow
and how all then is changed
From that point onward
relationships re-arranged

The beauty of re-scripting
is the power of love
Each character becomes understood
and each communicates with love

Differences are resolved
in the simplest of ways
and it is easy to re-visit
now the happiest of days

gagi     12/12/13