Archetypes’ emergence
It is the resurgence –
a repetition, a cycle
to fine tune, says Michael

Archetypes exist
so we get the gist
of the many roles
played by our souls

We are but One
and exist to be done
with separation and judging
Being One there’s no fudging

Let others display
the archetypes if they may
so that we recognize
what aspect they comprise

Each aspect we own
sort of a fragmental clone
is a part of ourselves
as into Oneness one delves

As we own each expression
it is sometimes a regression
to where we once were
Did it ever occur
that we suffered too
and that is the clue –
so that we may let go of fear
and bring love from the rear?

An expression of love
encompasses all the above
It embraces with compassion
each module, each fashion

For how can we explore
the creation of the evermore
without having had the experience
then asking for deliverance
To be free from the suffering
we have to let go of all past muffling
and recognize we observed or were part of
all suffering, the art of

and now to forgive –
ourselves, all that live
and understand the maxim
then be the contraction

A return to the Oneness
A journey with doneness
A holographic expression
Love coding in session

And into the newness
to co-create and do less

By being the love that we are
we are One, part of the Mar
with the One, the Creator
who is our emancipator
thru Love

gagi      12/11/13