Fukushima Awareness

Fukushima Awareness

We have asked for some insight
into the radiation explosion
that’s affecting our airways
and the immense Pacific Ocean

What are the dangers?
What are the concerns?
What can we do now?
What can we learn?

The earthquake that caused
this nuclear spill
is a natural occurrence
that can be repeated at will

So our nuclear plants, all
have the very same potential
and to find alternative energy
is clearly essential

The radiation emitted
affects all life on Earth
and accumulates within
even before life is birthed

We are told that it is permanent
and then told of half-life
A way of describing how long
radiation causes strife

Is there a way of clearing
that which is here
and also how can we
eliminate the fear?

First concern is the safety
of all life that is near
Containment of the facility
in all directions and tiers

Creative solutions as
never before could they be
Ask now the gifted children
They have the ability to see

Multi-dimensional sight
that weighs all perspectives
They can understand concepts
and give new directives

Radiation is a poison
that disrupts life as is known
It also has potential to adapt us
to a future unknown

We are in a jump time
We’ve discussed this at length
Perhaps this atomic fuel
has evolutionary strength

A crisis, major crisis
has other benefits too
The awareness of potentials
so we can change what we do

Let us embrace
alternative energy now
Many creators wait to share
their brilliant know how

Let the ocean life rest
as we contemplate its future
and let us envision a transformation
where radiation is the suture

A stitch in time
The surgery needed
A transformational boost
and a lesson heeded

gagi        12/10/13