What is going to happen on January 11th?

What is going to happen on January 17th?

May all be blessed. For there is a constructive release of the hot spots on Earth. Pasted remembrances, old wounds scabbed over, chiseled scars…all fallen away, dissolved into dust… blown away by the light… loved into eternity.

Earth wounds. The layers of history. Many roads travelled. Many who got lost along the way. A return of the guiding light. Mesmerized witnesses to the beginning of time. The hourglass turned over. The beginning of flow. Can there be resistance? Only by those who stand to lose their own agendas. The hangers on to their need to be known. They who need their material clothings to express who they are. The last to suffer and their sufferance will be great for there will no longer be those who cater to their demands and perceived needs. The multitudes will be joyous as they discover their love and goodness brings such an abundance of joy into their lives and that of others. Behold the great change. And the reverance for all life and the power of creation. Blessed are those who succumb to the simplicity of loving reciprocity for they are the pilgrims of faith. They have discovered the true meaning of giving, not to receive in exchange of goods or service but by return of gratitude. The magic of life. A deep sharing of who they are and who they can become. A deep witnessing of the lives of others and an ability to help, extending a hand when stirred to do so. An innate intelligence that comes from tapping into the divine source of creation. Being that frequency of love that takes all to the next level, layer upon layer. This is the truth of life. Infinite abundance of creativity and change with an affinity to the expansion of love. So it will be and so it is. Love, love, love.

gagi        12/10/13