Love Dance

Love Dance
the movement, the beauty, the joy
always present for us to employ
it works for us to deeply enhance
what is best to be called the love dance
to see with heart-felt appreciation
is returned by the seen with elation
the flow back and forth, the rhythm
makes easy that first step our decision
to simply be grateful for all that is
to appreciate the opportunities given
to truly be awed by the beautiful surround
to wonder at the lives we are living
to tune in to the sound, the rhythm and the notes
to respond by our movement entraining
to express our true joy, the rapture of life
dancing to settle the chaos we’re taming
love dance
heart-felt romance
loving the living equations
love dance
fill the whole expanse
partner in loving relations
may i have this dance?
addressing a flower in the garden
awed by her beauty, her colour and her scent
she bows in the breeze, appreciation meant
and onwards we choose other partners
the dance of seeing and that which is seen
brings into expression each extraordinary scene
the beauty, the joy, the movement of living
intentional relations is what we are giving
to expand, to employ, to absolutely enjoy
the love dance
gagi     03/12/16