Ready to Receive

Ready to Receive 

the symmetry, the resonance, the purposeful intention
awake, aware, holding time in suspension
ready, alert, wanting to serve
as receiver of the wisdom
the inflow and the reserve

receiving and holding the experience and passion
a reservoir, a sharing of the love and the compassion
the expertise, the genius, the meeting of diamonds
definitive, actuarial, melder of the faiths

sourcing from divinity, the home of light and love
providing safe harbour for those in search of
a doorway, a passageway to finding who they are
open to believing in their contribution as an altruistic star

radiating, glowing from the fire in their hearts
simply wanting to share the warmth and the love that it sparks
joining, conjoining bright lights in all dimensions
ready to receive and expand on their honourable intentions

gagi        03/07/16