Time to Reflect

Time to Reflect

given the space we have time to reflect
in the infinite silence and the space of emptiness
pull in that thought that is wanting review
place it in the centre so all can see it too

as if on a clock-face view from different perspectives
taking turns, feeling from each point of time
what is placed in the centre then becomes our mentor
as it expresses from being multi-dimensionally aligned

and what do we find?

a need for discussion, to communicate our views
a desire to understand others
a swirling, combining of the best of our sharing
into a co-creative, triumphant design

given time
time to reflect
to reflect before we take action
spacial awareness, influence of the past
where we are now is not going to last

with newness becoming in an instant of time
we are part of the movement of creative design
spiced up, extrapolated, quantumly connected
the results always enhanced by what’s being reflected

onward and forward when motion is set
with stronger parameters that are going to let
continued creation, continuing change
spaced from a medium that we rearrange

gagi      03/06/16