Love is the Divine Way

Love is the Divine Way

Love is the divine Way
The path to travel for all that may
From birthed to elders, love is displayed
Connecting gently – one’s life portrayed

Cosmic planning is all about
With messages coming, there is no doubt
Crop circles and orbs and visions divine
We’re opening up to the last incline

Pour out the love you have in your hearts
It’s fuel for the ascent and time to start
The incline is steep yet as you climb
Know the vision from the top is pure, beyond time

If love is the fuel and you are the tool
A physical form into which you were born
What was your purpose – a purpose divine?
Why did you come here? Was it to climb?

Follow your hearts now expanding with feelings
Follow your love radiating out past past ceilings
Climb as you can knowing others are with you
The power of love has the power to lift you

Then spread out your wings to the space that surrounds you
And try out their motion soon to carry you onward
Precious is time and opportunities presented
Pay attention to this as the path is augmented

Finding your way to be free as a dove
Is easily done when carried by love
Step up, yes climb – ascend to above
Know you have fuel – there’s no shortage of love

When you’ve climbed all the way and your view is expansive
Stop here, then rest and feel into the transive
The transive will lift you beyond all that you’ve known
And your new wings will carry you – remember you’ve flown

Your new wings will carry you right to His throne
And your uniqueness will be celebrated – you were never a clone
Your uniqueness turned to Oneness – to never be alone

Feel into the journey
You are here for a reason
Be the love that you are
For it is the season

gagi   TBL