For Our Child

For Our Child

Darling child, you are but one of many
so do not despair
Yes – life is not fair

And yet you did agree
to come and be part and see
the new unfold, the brave be bold

The time is now and you can not expect
to dance and sing if you neglect
the very thing you came here to do

Do you remember? Do you?
Cast out your fears
Cast out your doubts
Surround yourself with your heavenly hosts

Be quiet now. Go inward too
and seek the beauty that is truly you
Arrange a time, arrange a place
to go to daily and be with grace

A simple realm of love and peace
Seek it child. It’s yours to keep

And as you seek
you’ll get a peek of the future to become

With thoughts and doing
and events ensuing
the world around you will change

To have it you must be it
in all that you do
Let go of the stuff of escape

Notice the wonder of nature – the natural,
gifts from your Mother Earth
Follow the path. You can find it again
You initiated it with your birth

You came here to be, to shine as a Star
Let go of the hurt and shame
Discover you can. Remember the plan
Start now
There is no one to blame

You are gifted with many within your own family
who are with you and waiting to love
A family of friends, a family that sends
messages to you from above

The family of now, the family you see,
is only a part of the whole
We’re with you dear child
if only you’d look
and not want more than is already there

You’re surrounded by Light
You’re surrounded by Love
You can become what you already are
The chaos around you
can really confound you
but don’t let it diminish a Star

A gift of the ages, growing in stages,
sometimes confused by the mess
Step into the Light and out of the chaos
and focus on what you can bless

It is simple dear one, step into the Sun,
slow down and see who is there
We struggle it’s true
to understand what you do
but are ready and willing to be
To be there for a visit, be there to share
our dreams of what truly can be

Relinquish the place where you’ve felt no grace
and unfold your butterfly wings
A new world awaits – it’s opened its gates
Fly through and take part in the fun

The fun of creation will lead to elation
a feeling beyond all that you’ve felt
Help create the best world
like a flag just unfurled
magnificent for all to see

Be the new Way you want all to live
Be responsible in all that you do
Remember dear one, as it says in The Book,
do unto others as you’d have them do unto you

If the shoe hasn’t fit, it is time to get it
It is time to try on a new shoe
You’ll know when it’s right
You’ll feel it for sure
for there’s no doubting a love that is pure

Love is a feeling,
the way of true being
Emerge and bring Love to the front

If you don’t know what we mean,
its time to come clean
and ask others, “now just what is Love?”

You’ll hear their replies, varied and wise
and understand it’s what they seek too
When you feel so apart, know you’re a part
of something much greater than you

We’re all to discover we’re part of each other
so recognize and laugh at the truth
We really are One, not a daughter or son
but a piece/hologram of the All

Discover your best, let go of the rest,
bring your gifts to the world to share
It’s not where you live; it’s not where you work;
it’s certainly not what you wear

It’s who you are – this life and before
It’s YOU we celebrate and adore
Your family that’s here, your family that’s there
love you and set you free

It’s your life to cook and we can just look
and allow all that you choose
Life’s lessons are great – there is no mistake
just learning and lessons plenty

It’s time to bring focus
to your very own purpose –
bring out who you truly are
Energetic, enthused
it all can be fused
with the gifts gathered on your journey

Go now and start
Go now and be
the result of all that learning

We love you dear child
and the time that it took
to write this down to say,
was time well invested
and what you requested
before we all came to this place

We are all here together
in all sorts of whether
or not we remember why

But let it be Love
and let Love be all

It is said

We toss you the ball

gagi    TBL