Prepare to Restart

Prepare to Restart

To heal yourself
you must start within
Feel into your heart
and then begin:

Hold your heart in your hands
Hold its Love and its Light
the sacred heart
that your soul did ignite

This living heart
must always be free
to radiate it’s Love
and to receive

Hold it gently
Feel it and know
something is blocking
and it wants to grow

What is the fear?
What is the hurt?
What in your beingness
does it block or divert?

Feel it with wonder
Is there some guilt?
Release it so gently
Accept what you’ve built

So many choices
and paths to be taken
You can return to the beginning
You’ve not been forsaken

Feel into your heart
and that first spark of Light
Feel the warmth of Love grow
and the Light become bright

The expansion is pushing
your hands far apart
Place your heart back inside you
and in a healed state restart

gagi       13/08/21