the mastery of our existence
yes of the human race
is to pre-empt any disturbance
so as to live in a state of grace

if ever there was a reason
to reach out to others now
is the fact of the great imbalance
one we cannot continue to allow

for those seeking to control others
the easiest way to do
is to use bribery and deception
to hire or lure a crew

those suffering in utter poverty
will take any opportunity given
to simply survive, help their family
they will often do what they are bidden

to identify those so vulnerable
to support them in their own endeavours
to encourage a life that’s fulfilling
to relate to the needs of others

to master the very foundation
of an existence that’s now at risk
we must shift our focus from accumulation
and share our abundance for emancipation

the mastery of our existence
is as simple as looking after each other
to share what there is and understand
each is a sister or brother

gagi      05/25/15