what one does not know
but has a strong feeling of
can be called a theory
here’s the mega-theory of love

love is a feeling
that is felt in the heart
love is more than a feeling
it is where all life did start

cast away explanations
they’re all theories too
unless you remember
how love entered you

love’s very arrival
enters a heart newly formed
it arrives before the soul
for the body must be warmed

warmed and ignited
a body tuned in
now connected to the mar
a new life will begin

the soul chooses to enter
a body that is warmed
and life circumstances
into which she will be born

an opportunity to grow
and contribute in some way
growing the love
without being led astray

the immenseness of growth
can be measured or weighed
against the negativity
that enters each day

the balance is tipped
with the expansion of love
as it continues to expand
we will see what we’re made of

and the symmetry of our bodies
can be seen to reflect
from a central alignment
where our Creator is met

the love in our hearts
now enters the flow
connecting thru love
with an infinite glow

love is the basis
of all that we know
and love’s evolution
is wanting us to grow

gagi      05/24/15