symmetry organizes in a balancing way
symmetry can be used to balance each day
begin by designing a container of sorts
ready to hold what the designer imports

time is a factor used to create some partitions
balanced on the sidelines from the central decisions
allowing for reflection in each part of the day
intensions on one side of doing displayed

or one side is what’s dreamed of, envisioned as done
reflected from a midpoint from which action is spun
the doing must be joyful, coming from the heart
the construction using love in every moving part

the seeing and the doing can be automatic or planned
the completion, concretion can be thru many days spanned
the symmetry of creation is enhanced by collaborative decisions
for others can contribute by seeing gaps or omissions

together we will connect, co-create and renew
with symmetry and balance in all that we do
taking time to reflect on, seeing the beauty in form
metaphorically co-creating from our form that was born

gagi      05/24/15