Maximus Decoded

Maximus Decoded

lying supine
feeling the form
of Earth’s surface supporting us
upon which we were born

sacred genesis
evolutionary speed
capturing moments
to access our need

knowing the importance
of knowing who we are
empowers the beingness
central to our star

the brilliance of light
emitted from within
our hearts are radiant
transmitters in the spin

sacred assignments
encoded in our genes
gifting our future
and giving the means

extrapolated engineering
readied to design
systems created
when all is aligned

jurisdictional preludes
flexible to engulf
all the preamblitudes
to the creative impulse

sacred alignment
precious and distinct
always the reference point
to what we do and we think

now is the birthing
readied to receive
the gift to the future
espousing our need

gagi   13/02/18