The Resolution of Dichotomy

The Resolution of Dichotomy

embodied in our beingness
is the fact that we belong
as aspects of the greater whole
we are the choir with a song

gentle preparedness
behoves time-honoured ways
releasing all comparedness
creates a unity that stays

dichotomous existence
in reality cannot be
total separation is a mental state
recognizing this is the key

the beauty of the life we share
is central to our existence
therefore mental dichotomy
can be dissolved with some persistence

detailing of commonality
is a useful exercise
the building blocks of who we are
are the same we realize

our basic needs for love and comfort
are universal by design
global peace and prosperity exist
when our Oneness is defined

the resolution of dichotomy
goes to the roots of all we do
knowing by feeling what it’s like
to walk in another’s shoes

gagi   11/02/18