after a day of some reflection and curiousity
there was an intention to simply allow
and let things unfold
what was a name change going to represent?
not a new personality or a new role
by this directive – what was meant?
is there really a name for our soul?
to google a name we read qualities
but is this not a time for understanding equalities?
if we read these attributes as a check-list
is that not an exercise of the ego?
the name we are given at birth was chosen
often by those bringing us into this world
and our future identity to be beholden
is our own creation thru time
what others choose to name me
can vary from time to time
but for me a name is not important
so this opportunity to change i decline
i would prefer to be nameless
to be simply my presence here and now
an energy with a voice of expression
being in service to the love we avow
wanting to be open to all the incoming
to share that we may evoke a new way
where all are coming together
with our gifts and our wants on display
gagi     09/11/22