the 15th letter
it’s Greek to me
an alphabetical O
in ancient languagese
an O or a circle
let it be big or small
they can hold what’s within
or mean nothing at all
a zero or to encircle
complex as we want to make it
then why did the WHO
assign it to covid?
letters can be assigned
to variants of concern
a virus so unusual has made the mouth
round to make the sound
ohhhh or oh-oh!
we have seen it as a concern
creating chaos in our world
yet many assign it a zero
believing it is fear that creates the chaos
exhaustion, devotion
full range of emotion
when faced with such overwhelm
let us play
go back to the Greek alphabet
and play, be child-like
meditate and say Ohhh…
long and hollow
let this sound lay at rest
so we may digest
once our fear has been swallowed
our love of life can be followed
forever more
gagi     01/29/22