How to Share the New

How to Share the New
a time of great change
this moment in life
filled with the beauty birthed
from both awakening and strife
letting the struggles from the past
dissolve from within
standing strong and in harmony
now begin, yes begin
step into that future
the one that is waiting
choose carefully your confidants
who you can share of the anticipating
walk with a few
who know your heart’s calling
invite in their questions
of how into place all is falling
paint the new picture
of beauty and joy
the excitement yet caution
as our life lessons we employ
include these chosen ones
in the visions you paint
asking for their support
in who we are and what we ain’t
become the new you
radiate your love and your presence
punctuate your sharing
with love in every sentence
honour their witnessing
reflect on their questions
keep the quiet within
continuing to learn those life lessons
ease into the new
as you share with the few
all wanting the best – the very best
for you
gagi     01/30/22