challenge what we believe
ask the questions
and receive
as we emerge into an awareness
that all are connected
leaving the torque of duality
we are shedding the old
the gift of emotions
can direct our due diligence
when the unsettled emotions
disturb our sense of well-being
dive in and ask
ask ourselves and ask of others
what is this?
what is my belief?
is this true in my experience?
to my observing?
what would i rather believe?
then become that belief
let the body receive and embody
the new you
and how often do we forget
to ask for help and for guidance
from a state of mediation, of prayer
we can trust and grow a reliance
on the unseen presence
that is always there
and soon all will believe
we can change this world
experiencing peace, beauty and joy
together as love
gagi     01/31/22