Opportunity Knocks

Opportunity Knocks

Knock, knock – knock, knock
What a surprise!
We’ve opened the door to
greet what has arrived

And there on the threshold
in its full splendour
stands the greatest opportunity
that we can remember

We’ve invited it in
Couldn’t send it away
We’ve questioned it, nourished it
and it now wants to stay

Our guest brings potential
of a magnitude not yet known
And accepts our invitation
to cultivate what’s to be grown

With a spirit of openness
and a heart-centred passion
we want a beautiful crop
picked to share and not ration

Our guest is holding space
and will stay for a while
encouraging our work
like a nanny with child

And our guest may bring friends
to meet us as well
Ah – it’s the land of opportunity
In which we do dwell…

gagi     09/07/10