Wind and Mirror

Wind and Mirror

Wind went to find Mirror
for she wanted to see
the reflection of whom
she wanted to be

She hurried to get there
feeling anxious and rushed
not paying attention
to the effects of her thrust

She extinguished the fire
of sweet candle flames
She disrupted the progress
of Earth’s children’s games

Wind ruffled the waters
pulled at soil and at sand
She bent over trees
and changed the look of the land

She stacked up the clouds
and sent temperatures askew
Her purpose was to see herself
That’s all that she knew

She thought she saw Mirror
on a skyscraper ahead
but when she got there to look
Mirror shattered instead

She then saw Mirror
on a smooth frozen lake
but snow swirled from the banks
and iced Lake like a cake

Wind kept on searching and
each time Mirror would disappear
Wind was not able to see
a reflection that was clear

Wind now was tired
and became silent and still
She let go of it all
Let it be! Be what will!

Wind, when she was still
was nothing at all
Silent, yet conscious
Something answered her call

Now the observer
Now she could see
She was part of everything
if she just let it be

She saw Mirror everywhere
reflecting it all
in every rain drop
during its fall

The reflections in water
in ice and in steel
in glass and in bubbles and
in the ocean were real

The beauty she saw
was wondrous and immense
and she dissolved into gratitude
and realized how dense…

Yes, when Wind became Storm
how dense her energy had been
A storm created from stresses
and a need to be seen

The reflection she sought
of whom she wanted to be
was reflected in everything
Aye, to be and see!
“A” to “B” and “C”
Aware – Being – Conscious

Through silence
and stillness
we see
Blessed be

gagi    09/01/10