Passing Time

Passing Time

How did we once
measure passing time?
The sun cast a shadow
on stone of lime

A semi-circle of shadow
marked the time that was light
The stars and the Moon
showed the way at night

Time then was measured
into units for plans
A slow dripping vessel
An hourglass of sand

Then came the clock
with its tick and its tock
and circular face
and its arms to trace

A pattern of hours
Either 24 or twelve
and further into mechanisms
we soon would delve

Pocket, then wristwatches
Clocks in a town square
Always the emphasis
on time, be aware

Wake up and get up
There were alarms to disarm
And then a new concept
the digital farm

Time no longer circular
The numbers would repeat
Numbered cycles of time
What would that create?

A messaging system
from the realms of unknown
333s and 1111s to remind us
we were not alone

Time now feels fluid
There’s a blur to the past
Is time collapsing?
A freedom at last?

What is our future
or is that a concept of time?
How will we function
off the linear line?

Who knows the answer
and we know all too well
Someone will say
only time will tell!

gagi     03/31/14