The Cords of Enlightenment

The Cords of Enlightenment

The cords of enlightenment
flow into the hands
They’re streaming, they’re streaming
They’re weighted like sands

The palms feel so full
Holding something alive
Radiating into the body
so wholeness can thrive

There’s an electrical sense
Can one hold onto this current?
But knowing the source
fear is not a deterrent

Plug in when you wake
in the early morning hours
Expand with the current
Imbibe of its powers

And gently, so gently
ask a question if you will
Then sit there and listen
being peaceful and still

How may i
best serve today?
The ears are full
I hear them say:

Expand with love
Expand with joy
Carry this with you
and be willing to employ

All its dimensions
All it can hold
For the power of love
can explode and implode

Exploding beyond
the limits we’ve set
Imploding within
clearing to get

A state of pure love
The power to feel
Connected to all
has so much to reveal

The colours of God
blue, jasmine and teal
The sounds of the Angels
and bells as they peel

The comfort of knowing
the new has begun
We’re building, creating
the rebirth of a Sun

And yes it is true
we have only begun
The jewel is we understand
the potential of what we’ve done

We have cleared
out the past
We have let
judgement go
We have tuned
into our senses
and tapped
into the flow

We are part of creation
and so willing to serve
Our bodies carry love
thru every vessel and nerve

Expand the expansion,
the blessings, the love
Breathe the connection
from below and above

Be in the flow
Stand where you stand
Strong and committed
Bringing love to this land

gagi      03/30/14