This Doesn’t Seem to be Working

This Doesn’t Seem to be Working

This doesn’t seem to be working
I can’t seem to sleep

But what is working?
Your heart?
Your lungs?
Your mind and memory?
Your sight?
Your sense of touch, smell, taste?
Your digestive system?
Your muscles?
Your joints?
Your connectiveness?

Thank you!
So much has changed!
My whole being’s evolving
I’m being rearranged

You’ve asked for these changes
You’ve asked to become
an efficient container for what you’ve begun

So what about sleep
Will this no longer be needed?
And what about food?
Will the body be feeded?

Less is the more
It won’t be as before
Efficient, refined
as you stay aligned

I am grateful and thank you
I am open to the new
and i can’t wait to see
what’s in store for me

For love’s full potential
Feeling joy is essential
That’s what’s in store
We’ve opened the door
Now time to explore
Go see
And be
Be joy


gagi     03/30/14