Poseidon of the depths
your sanctuary divine
accessed by the swimmers
of a long time line

What happened with the floods
and the ice ages on Earth?
Was it a time that required
a clearing then re-birth?

And what about now
a time as never before
Is it humanity’s choice
to disrupt the ocean’s floor?

Will mining and exploitation
of the oceans’ reserves
be the final disruption
to what we could preserve?

Our waters, precious waters
our planet’s domain
require our attention
It’s our life blood – that’s plain

Plain common sense yet ignored
by the majority of us
Our precious resource, sacred element
given in trust

And now we are selling it
Water for sale
What have we done
to the environs of the whale?

Who owns the water?
Who has the right to decide?
Who has the plenty?
Is it a resource to divide?

At one time we were nomadic
and roamed freely at will
following the abundance
not disturbing nature’s fill

Those times we were conscious
not taking more than we needed
Keeping nature’s precious balance
was a law that we heeded

Poseidon please hear us
from the depths of our hearts
We are recognizing our folly
and the urgent need to make new starts

No longer polluting into lakes
rivers and streams
Not wasting our water
thru practicing extremes

By honouring the Water
of which we are mostly comprised
and every time we use it
being gratefully surprised

Surprised just how often
Water is a part of our day
See it, taste it, feel it,
yes and hear it at play

Rain drops plop, ice cracking
Waves breaking on shore
Water running thru river beds
and the crashing waterfall’s roar

Bless the Water we drink
and use to wash and to grow
our food and our gardens
giving the abundance we know

Tourism, eco-tourism
can help awaken us all
to the impotence of our life styles
and to what future we’ll fall


to the importance of our choices
and ability to balance and recall

gagi      12/04/13