The Mirror – The Interface

The Mirror – The Interface

The mirror is the interface
between what is and what was
However we see it
there is no because

To simply observe are we here?
Are we there?
And then is it possible
to be between as the mirror?

The quiet reflection
The place in between
Where nothing exists
and cannot be seen

And yet we can wonder
the possibilities there
That thin shiny place
reflecting back to a seer

To observe in between
the what is and what was
is a magical place
and where one can pause

and perhaps expand
from the nothingness there
and reflect back to both
its okay to be bared

To be bare and observed
as we are or have been
gives us an awareness
of being seen as a team

Now three places to be
and central to all
is the middle observer
the still point, the hall

gagi     12/08/13