you have arrived
there is such stillness and quiet
that even an echo would evaporate
be swallowed
before it could reach your ears

there is no urgency
no need to question
no wanting
no desire to express oneself

you asked to come here
to simply observe
pure curiosity
that was all

the experiential seeker
on a quest to the unknown
and now upon arriving
you experience nothingness

no light
no colour
no sound
no temperature
no movement
no sense of smell or taste

this awareness just is
it is not a check list to explore
you have become part of the emptiness
ahh… so still and quiet
blissful peace
pure nothingness

there is nothing to do
you are being breathed
your heart is beating for you
there is no effort required
simple beingness

a gentle contentment
a gestational peace
nothing to disturb it
nothing to release

the camphor of emptiness
the love of the naught
a simple beginning
to all that was sought

a stirring within comes
an awakening state
a new seeking is birthing
a new way to equate

all senses are alert now
you are ready to leave
wanting to activate
what you did receive

you return to your Earth world
and yet it has changed
you see it so differently
as if all’s rearranged

all life has expanded
all is beauty and bliss
how could you have not seen
all the wonder of this?

all you can do now
is appreciate and adore
the existence of everything
as it impacts your core

this dance how it beckons
you join in and become
a part of the multitudes
and the song that is sung

the credence is happening
the waltz and the skip
the volume is deafening
the senses eclipse

an awareness of everything
has replaced that of empty
all senses are joyously
responding to plenty

the newness of being
in the fullness of now
the total embodiment
of creation’s know how

your expression of gratitude
now knowing what is
is a response from being saturated
with the glory of love

gagi     12/09/13