Possibilities 3

Possibilities 3
possibilities exist
how can they not?
the force of creation
is the power we’ve sought
exit the time zone
of the now, where we are
freed to the emptiness
the place of creation
the Mar
the Mar is The Ocean of Infinite Love
its existence is inclusiveness – we’re simply to know
emptiness cannot be empty of Love
the Mar enspheres all, no above or below
if all is ensphered
by an edge with no boundaries
expansion’s invited
paying attention to quandaries
and Love is the answer
the answer to all
we know this, we feel this
let us answer the call
the matrix of Love
contains all the answers
our perspectives and collaboration
are co-creative enhancers
give us a dilemma
the more impossible the better
let us solve this together
and write for all our Love letter
and as we resolve
these dilemmas with Love
the Mar expands further
with more possibilities of…
gagi      06/28/16