Wake Up Residents of BC !

Wake Up Residents of BC !

It is time to realize that we are at a critical time in history and we are all responsible for the state of our communities, our province, country and planet. Together we can have a tremendous influence on our nation and become a role model for others by lifting our heads out of the sands of indifference and taking a serious look at where we are. By making conscious decisions at a personal level and in our communities, we can make rapid change towards balance, sustainability and freedom from many levels of suffering.

Let us consider how we can make conscious decisions as consumers, how we can think “outside the box”… question the old ways of doing things then collaborate to create new solutions. How can we share our abundance with others whether that be our skills or the “surplus” in our lives?

You are invited to play the BC game and then to put it into action. Live it!


the opportunity of our life times
is present today
now is the time
to have our say

let our voices be heard
let us activate our we
let us take leadership
and redefine bc

before catastrophe
become concerned
be committed
be confident

better communication
better communities

become childlike
be curious
be creative
be compassionate
be conscious

and the list goes on
this is our opportunity to lead
and never concede to
the unbalancing of our world

gagi       10/31/18