A Living Column of Light

A Living Column of Light

witnessed from a distance
when approaching a town square
rising from a rocky area
a brilliant column of light

there were people walking past
did they see it? did they know?
or was it just part of their every day
acceptance of this brilliant flow

coming closer, the column was moving
there were spiralling tube-like strands
all inter-woven with rising movement
spheres of light inside the tubes

the tubes themselves appeared wall-less
or walls so clear, they disappeared
the spheres of light were moving upwards
a mesmerizing dance of light

the colours were varied
they were of pearl-like opaque hues
each a spinning bubble
all combined, a coordinated going to

going to – that was the mystery
no sense of height to where it went
but it came from the ground below us
perhaps earth to heaven sent

spheres or bubbles of flowing light
a movement of living light
what is it we now can see?
has our awareness reached a new height?
is this an expanded sense of sight?
and what does this mean?
is seeing believing?
or is acceptance transcendence?

this living column of light

gagi       11/07/18