postulations are the basis of our creations
our storage of information
our imaginative library
our experiential journeys
our beliefs and our stories

if our postulation is to simply assume
or pretend something as a fact or truth
to open the field for discussion
a sharing of perspectives
it is a fruitful practice

if our postulation is an announcement
of our personal belief or experience
as a truth that extends to others
we are proclaiming we are correct
this can invite the opposite affect
others step up to disprove
and we are then positioned to defend
and any chance of a peaceful agreement
can end

awareness is the key
each has a right to see thru their own eyes
to experience their own emotions
to access their cellular and soul journey memories

each has the opportunity to question
to question others and question themselves
this is the beauty of oneness
where we understand we are the students of life
and that we are aspects of the greater whole

all communication exists and is recorded
all energies communicate
all biophotons exchange information
our receptivity is influenced by our intentions
by our degree of openness
by our ability to go with the flow
and surf the wave

our ability to move on is hugely affected
by the presence of fear
fear obstructs both creativity and potential
to recognize and explore our fears is essential
to living freely
to being the love that we are

and so it is
a reflection on postulations
at a time when new creations
are inviting us to come together
to create and anchor
our future and beyond

gagi     08/04/21