quantum denial once again at the fore
jasper recital that was placed at the core
magnus internal wants to erupt
dissolving the inaccuracies that often corrupt

dizziness and sadness sway the outcomes
of that deeply emotional current that runs
triggering the past, the traumas laid bare
often a gift as we become aware

of being aware

now for the resolution to what we have met
can we return to the love and the peace that was set?
what can we do so that all can ensue
allowed from this time of preamblitude?


jasper –  a metaphor related to what can be held within – like a white vitrified translucent ceramic – a hard fine white (colour that reflects most wavelengths of visible light) created when something experienced is converted into this hard core (belief) by being exposed to heat or intense emotion. This central core can still allow light to pass thru (light is the hope of dissolving or being freed from old beliefs) Detailed images or arguments cannot pass thru or influence this hardened structure, made of fine accumulated particulate of the past and hardened by heated emotion into a core belief. Only love & light can pass thru.

recital – a concert or performance, solo or with others…our song or story shared with intent to carry a message or feeling