Postural Insignificance

Postural Insignificance

infinite possibilities created thru thought
synchronized alignments of the web where they’re caught
who we are, where we stand, truly matters naught
only the passion for all we have sought

with loving awareness we enter each day
powerful hearts holding low energies at bay
conscious of the changes as the new now arrives
aligning with Source as our creative thought processes thrive

our postural insignificance is the key to understanding
permanent alignment to Source, as our y-axis, is allowing the expanding
we cannot stray from our course with this absolute stability
as we are but gyroscopes navigating spacial eternity

dreams of the gyros holding us in alignment
readied now to be the action of our sacred assignment
strengthened as we recognize our numbers increasing
unencumbered at last as the past is receding

able to spin and spiral at will
holding our visions internal until
compatible aspects from others arrive
interlocking pieces bringing wholeness alive

gagi     07/20/17