when we feel pressure
an exertion or force
by something that is in contact with us
what do we do?

do we resist, push back?
do we surrender or accept?
or do we choose not to participate
and remove ourselves
from the scenario?

stability at the core
knowing who we are
connected to our own story
defining the boundaries
excited to receive
readying to perceive
a new view of tomorrow
to gift, receive or borrow

with strength and purpose
we can be present
relaxed, peaceful
we are immune to pressure
we are content to observe
to object or concur
with the incoming

attuned to the diversity
aware of the multiversity
demonstrable re-creation
of what is in relation
to the new
the new you
the new few
the opening view
of the beyond

stretched yet connected
all are affected
pulling us thru
into the new
the past gone

time to reassemble
gather at the temple
sacred alignment
purposeful reassignment
what are we to do?

becoming the new
we are found
no longer inbound
not attached to the ground
free, so profound
to arrive into the new
generational glue
holding us
as a whole
participatory peace as our goal
defamed from our history
the new still a mystery
augmented by love
felt and made of
with beauty and grace
feeling the pace
slowed to a stillness
being our willingness
to be, be in the flow
feeling us grow
passing the potential
of ever before
we are the more
and the lastitude

gagi       08/08/17