Prepare to be Spared

Prepare to be Spared

to those who live in conditions intolerable
prepare to be spared
we see your suffering and exhaustion trying to survive
let us show how we have cared

to put ourselves in your shoes we know how insurmountable
are the challenges you face from day to day
and when escape is the only option for your families
we are here to receive you and to let you stay

may we share this place of peace and of abundance
may we share our love and belief we are the same
may we offer to you and to your families
a way of life and opportunities that we can name

you have skills and gifts to share that we will welcome
we can offer opportunities to help in many areas where we live
our countries were built on the strength of many cultures
the arts you bring will help us to diversify and to give

to give to others, to make a difference to others’ lives
creates expansion and a goodness in our hearts
we cannot stand by as we now so often witness
the suffering and the feelings it imparts

prepare to be spared and released from life’s inequalities
we offer an opportunity to start your lives in new realities
we ask you to come to share your gifts and your dreams of peace
and it will require a letting go and full release

to release the past, to forgive and then be grateful
is an experience we ourselves or our dear ancestors
also had when we came to this land of opportunity
we have the space, the means to share, in our communities
we welcome you and open our doors that you may not suffer
as the people, we want to look after one another
please forgive some that govern for their stalling in these offers
fear of losing votes and an expense that may drain their coffers

our prayers are with you, we are readying now to receive you
with compassion and a recognition so much is new
we will teach you our language and share with you
all we have so we may be family once more

gagi   09/06/15 & 09/07/15