For the Children Everywhere

For the Children Everywhere

we are responsible for the children everywhere
they are ours to protect and look after
children are our gifts to the future
precious commodities to value and nurture

commodities not to be bought and sold, unspeakable
but of such value as to be immeasurable
the children know the truth and can see it
we must honour their sight and be it

honour the way the children want us to be
ever present and engaged with them
sharing our stories and giving opportunities
opportunities to be all that they are

let us not live thru our children for all we are not
let our children live their own lives supported
let us collaborate to support each child
supporting the children in their becoming

the art of becoming savours freedom
freedom of expression, freedom of creativity
and the art of becoming flourishes with togetherness
much sharing of perspectives to build the new

building the new, who knew this would be
this would be our children’s playground
let us make this playground safe, accessible to all children
a playground spacious, seeded for their imaginations

the imaginations of the blossoming children
so capable of seeing the solutions to the world that is
so eager to inoculate the world with their love and hope
“it is easy”, they will say, for that is how their minds work

for the children everywhere
we give our love
for the children everywhere
we give our time
for the children everywhere
we honour you
blessed be our future, combined

gagi     09/06/15