Stop all that we are doing
All that we are thinking
and Be

for this is both our hope and opportunity
we must tune in to the vibrations of life
stop the busyness and feel

we are the conscious life that can make change
we have the ability to choose
we must listen to the symptoms
for ours is a planet in trouble
maybe not the planet herself
but the life residing here

let us talk about birth
tomorrow is always our re-birthday
fly home
there is a big reception waiting

so much love waiting to welcome us home

precious is the time we will be together

recognize each other
lovingly, wisely, simply, divinely

cherish what becomes of the future
we are becoming
becoming what we desire
feel it
know it
and commence

we are the builders
many still sleeping
we will return
with love
to awaken

gagi   09/03/15