we are here to be freed
from the past we believed
where we would succeed
by hard work alone

we have punctured the membrane
that held us imprisoned
let us expand on this opening
to the new we envision

the prospects of living
simply by being
creates a new emptiness
a void that is freeing

cadence now required
we are being rewired
spacial endeavours
are held now within

harmonic rhythm
has carried us thru
a pause of reflection
leaving behind all we do

no longer about doing
we are free to just be
a singular purpose
that sets humanity free

bipolar residence
now spins to release
an alignment now available
live streaming new seeds

quantum existence
we are free to explore
no longer prospectors
always wanting more

access to the multitudes
of choices and guides
ask now to become that
and feel how fear subsides

that of our potential
evolving into the beyond
knowing now the infinite
is where we belong

freed from the cocooning
no longer held back
exploring the singular
that oneness impact

gagi     06/30/20