Quantum Belignment, Quantum Denial

Quantum Belignment, Quantum Denial

quantum belignment, quantum denial
don’t rest on your laurels
it is a time for refinement

pleasurable sensations distracting the more
can decay the purposeful straight to the core
measure the mingled and titrate the blends
separate the chaff and make your amends

rise to the occasion to join in the dance
every conscious moment is there to enhance
serious doers will understand how
that purposeful being is the key to the now

awareness expands to the deep inner planes
go there, explore there the beckoning terrains
courage not needed if fearless you are
for the inner planes, diminutive, are also the mar

to enter the heart and the inner planes where it leads
can always, yes always, be accessed by the freed
freed from the cumbersome annals of distress
created by reviewing or imagining the less

the less of the more, some emotions lead there
always, yes always, be aware of your core
your core of existence is blossoming now
and can only expand thru the inner planes’ tao

understand, understand that the flip of expansion
is the inner, the realms of the limitless transom
how to explain that the universes are infinite
you explore with technologies, telescoping beyond
yet understand that the inner is the counter expansion
infinite too, going smaller and smaller
right down to the pure nothingness that ever there was
and the nothingness is infinite simply because
it is there
do not compare

it is there to explore, to define your very future
to be the love and the holder of the seed and to nurture
the beginnings, the potential of all that can be
go there and be there and forever be free
go there and be there and then you will see
you are the transom, you are the we
you are the love and you are of me

gagi   04/29/15