Troubled Inflow

Troubled Inflow

troubled inflow from the memory banks
why is it flooding in? cannot sleep
are we being readied to take the leap?

the indigestible, that which was unresolved
returning, returning
how were we involved?

spacial awareness is only a part
the emotional structure
is where it did start

aware of the injuries, injustices too
retreated, defeated, feeling apart
lost in the quagmire
wanting to leave

memories, memories
unresolved parts
a life time of doing
returned to restart

now knowing the difference
between triumph and defeat
for truly we have always been
in the driver’s seat

to see now, review now
all that discomfort
the what ifs, the could haves
are wasted this time

we have arrived at
the point of sublime
vapourize the past wounds
released out of time

acknowledge the newness
be awed by the view
start building again
for with love all can do

gagi       04/30/15