Quantum Colour

Quantum Colour

softly expressed radiant sunspots of light
glowing, eternal, representative of life
light rays extending until no longer seen
yet when received, it is known they have been

absorbed by the infinite that stand in their path
photons are messengers replete with their cache
symmetrical wobbles continue to fray
light rays responding to the sounds that are at bay

finite are those who are life forms it seems
dependant on receiving the light forms as beams
quantum involvement to the energy expressed
wayward until awareness of being a light form is addressed

we are star beings, sons/daughters of suns
we radiate light as our colour fields are spun
the power of love can be brilliantly felt
received by the infinite – unaware of the melt

touched by acknowledgement protective shields dissolve
the return to a oneness is the touchstone evolved
magical anointing of the all in the field
the colours of love give an infinite yield

gagi     02/22/17